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Welcome to the Flappers and Floppers Website

************** Mobiles, Miniatures, and Scenic Displays **************
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About the Company
Flappers and Floppers offers over 115 handcrafted designs of mobiles ("Flappers") representing a wide variety of birds, animals,and creatures, both real and imaginary. Each mobile consists of a body with an attached pair of wings that are suspended from a hanging assembly and carefully balanced so that a tug on the body or a gentle breeze will cause the wings to "flap". Flappers are made from furniture-grade birch plywood, detailed with woodburning, and then decorated with exterior-grade enamel paint and oil stain. Several mobiles have etched acrylic wings instead of wood. Flappers are weather-resistant, which means that they can withstand moisture but should not be directly exposed to nature (snow, rain, wind, etc.). We recommend that if one is hung outside, it should be in a protected area such as a gazebo or a porch. Flappers are signed, dated, and numbered under the left wing. In addition to Flappers, we have a large assortment of wooden miniatures and a variety of displays in which to showcase them. You are invited to browse our catalogues to check out all the designs and then add our website to your Bookmarks or Favorites for future reference. Wholesale inquiries are welcome. 
About Us
Flappers and Floppers is a small craft business based in southwestern New Hampshire. Peggy and Rich Roth work together to make these handcrafted items in their studio and workshop. Peggy, a graduate of Pratt Institute, created these original designs and is the artistic half of the partnership. Rich, a corporate dropout, is the "heavy-lifting" half of the business, responsible for bookkeeping and computer work, packaging and shipping, promotional activities, and all other non-artistic tasks. Peggy has been a state-juried member of The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen since 1993. The League is one of the oldest and most highly respected craft organizations in the country. Its main goal is the pursuit of quality crafts produced by devoted craftspersons within the state. Membership is achieved only after your craft is subjected to a rigorous jurying process by your peers. The League operates seven shops around the state and sponsors the oldest craft fair in the country. The 79th Annual Fair at the Sunapee Ski Area in Newbury,NH starts on the first Saturday in August and runs through the following Sunday for 9 days (August 4 - 12, 2012. During that period, over 200 League members exhibit (and sell) their crafts. In addition, there are numerous demonstrations and workshops for both adults and children. We have proudly participated in the Fair for the past 18 years.